I Am Finally A Veteran

That’s right, after about slighty more than two years after I started blogging, I finally switched from the client-side blogs of blogger to the server-side blogs of WordPress. Alright, so I wanted to use Movable Type in the first place, but then again spending time with people who consider themselves raving lunatics can be pretty convincing in whatever they are raving about.

Then again when you’re a raving lunatic yourself.

You might as well stick with the same nutty bunch.

So thanks to the generous folks of the WordPress IRC channel especially Pplproof, I managed to succesfully install WordPress on the new webhost (courtesy of Ivan) with as much problems as I can expect. Which means that for every step of the way that I was trying to install WordPress, there were enough problems that could give me a heart attack…and I’m not just saying this as well.

It’s the truth.

But then again, as far as I can see everything seems to be in order. I’ve imported my Blogger Archives in after so much trouble so all I have to do is put the rest of the plugins and finish my layout by the end of the week most probably…or at least I hope I can get my new layout done by the week end.

Knowing how far my luck usually goes, I’d be lucky if I actually start it at all by then.

But anyway, after all the headaches and the frustrations it’s finally done.

I’m can finally officially call myself a veteran blogger.

God I have a lot of editing ahead of me.

6 thoughts on “I Am Finally A Veteran

  1. still long way to go dude…

    did not wordpress provide tools to transfer archives? I once moving my blogger archives too but i use Movable Type to import entries that time, it was a smooth operations and later on i move again lol again to b2evolution which is the current. Well i think import archives from blogger to MT is the easier way. Not sure what happen to your case. Btw i never raving like lunatic.

  2. Oh it was actually very easy to start importing Blogger Archives to WordPress, the thing is, there were so many technical difficulties like Blogger publishing my files and my line being unable to upload anything for some reason.

    Bad timing I guess.

    But I know the people who were raving like a lunatic…:)

  3. haha… told you it was going to be a breeze… well came with a slight storm, but it was ok.

    CONGRATULATIONS on the migration!!! HAVE FUN!! WP Rocks!

  4. Good luck with it, Ed. I don’t even wanna think of the headache you get from doing this, but you’re loving it aren’t you?

    Psst… I dunno about others, but I do rant like a lunatic (Zain even said that I am one) on my blog, and proud of it! hehe…

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