I can’t wait for this to really get off into the public.

You got to love their reasons for starting a blog anyway.

Why Blog?
* Connect with an audience of dozens to millions.
* Stop sending mass emails to everyone.
* Archive your thoughts.
* Why the heck not?

With what I have read so far about what it can do, it’ll probably even give all the other hosted blogs like Blogger a run for their money. I never knew WordPress could go that far. Still…with open source like this…how can anyone have limitations anyway?

Why the heck would they indeed.

5 thoughts on “Introducing

  1. kamigoroshi, thanks for telling me to upgrade, otherwise I’d be too lazy! Well, it’s good that they’ve launched, but unless they have more features that users can make themselves, for example, modifying templates etc. [well, i don’t have an account there, so i ain’t sure]
    It can never win other blog providers like livejournal and xanga… …

  2. Basically, from what I understand, is everything our own self hosted wordpress blogs are, just that it’s hosted by other people. This cuts down the hassle that people don’t want to do like migrating to a new domain and webhost to incorporate WordPress.

    Think of it like Movable Type’s hosted Typepad.

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