My Contribution To The Malaysian Blogosphere

In the past two years that I have been blogging, I have picked up so many things that go with it. If there is one thing that made the most sense my blogging life, it would be the realisation that blogging is a lot like life in so many ways.

Think about it.

The atmosphere, the friendships, the disagreements, the personalities, the motives. Blogging is a world where looks actually don’t matter. It’s life that is no less real even if we cannot see, smell or touch it. In fact, it is more…real…than the facades we put up in real life. Every post, every action, every motive to the action reflecting our natures as a person in a community.

A community.

Yeah, I have said so many times that if I were to call something my social life, this world of blogging would be it. In a way, it has given so much to me in more ways than I can admit and it’s only fair trade that I give something back to that world.

Then again…where do I start? I mean, first of all, it’s not like I have any major traits or skills that could actually make a difference to the blogosphere. I mean, take a look at some of bloggers that actually have a made a name for themselves one way or another. Minishorts has her sharp wit. Mack and Jeff have their perspectives on serious issues. Kenny has his own sense of humour.

Me. Well…I’m just…me. A jack of all trades and a master of none. With all my philosophy and ideas, I’m the generalist that always gets the ball rolling but is never really seen for finishing it. After all, no one really gets credit for starting something…just ending it. Still, I’ve grown used to the moments where I can feel good that at least I got my fair share of attention for that tiny amount of time I start something in people to change something for the better.

So where does that leave me in the blogosphere?

Simple. Right now, the best I can do to the Malaysian Blogosphere with all my amount of experience on things is to help fine tune the quality of it. Now again, I might not have Minishorts amount of experience in quality writing or Danny’s knowhow in website designing.

Then again…I don’t see anyone stepping up for the job of a WordPress handyman.

So with that, leaves my next little effort of contribution aside from the writing the posts I already write and future posts I will write. I’d be happy to explain to you whether you should stick to your old blogging software or get a new one. I’d be happy to help out any one of you who wants to move to WordPress or even with your WordPress related problems like theming and customising layouts, recommending plugins you actually need and other unusual mods. At least until you find a better replacement for me…

I’d be happy to make you happy to blog.

So if you have any problem with your WordPress or even Blogger blogs and you want to do something to it that makes it stand out above the rest and make your blog unique like what I did here. Hey…I’m here for you and we’ll see what we can work out.

It’s the least I can do to start something better out here.

Maybe then…you can take it all the way to something greater.

That’s a good thought at least.

8 thoughts on “My Contribution To The Malaysian Blogosphere

  1. A round of applause for Edrei.

    Well, I have to admit it that you’re good in WordPress buddy. 🙂


  2. hi edrei. first time commenting here (but not first time reading your blog). i’m so glad to hear that you are ever so willing to help non techie savvy people like me. i just might want to switch to wordpress. i try it once with lcf’s help but i gave up so fast. maybe you’ll be a better teacher. 🙂

  3. Kyels: Whatever I can do, I try to do. Always has been, always will be. 🙂

    Kris: Yup, thats where I come in and find what I can with what I have to the closest of what they want. 🙂

    Lucia: Actually…I think you have commented here before, I can’t quite remember but I recall seeing your blog many many times and some of which were linked back from my blog…or was that other people’s blog. I don’t know. I’m confused. 😛 Anyway, I’ll be glad to help you out installing WordPress on your webhost. It’s pretty easy with all the steps. Even tech savvy people can do it. I guarantee you’ll impress even yourself. 🙂

  4. Edrei, you are the only one who can write 100 things about yourself that’s a feat hard to match man. The most I could write are 10 things, lol
    So you see at least you are 10 times better than me.Cheers man.

  5. It doesn’t take much to write the 100 things about you page. Just lots of time thinking of nothing but crapping around that’s all. 😛

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