Sex, Geeks and Weenies

If there can only be one reason why I love a geek channel it would be because of this.

<kamigoroshi> the people who adhere to it keep adhering to it…which technoweenies remain in the dark..
* ringmaster yawns and stretches.
<masquerade> wtf is a technoweenie?
<firas> Kamigoroshi: what?
<masquerade> is that like, a hot dog that likes techno?
<nikkiana> technoweenie?
<nikkiana> sounds like an cool name for a usb powered vibrator.

Of course you don’t seriously expect it to stop there do you? We’re geeks. Which basically means one thing. Curiosity demands satisfaction.

<nikkiana> i saw one at the sex toy shop
<shawn_grimes> lol, omg
<masquerade> nikkiana, makes sense for you to be shopping there
<nikkiana> shawn_grimes:
<nikkiana> solar powered ones too
<firas> i wonder about power though
<kamigoroshi> oh my god!!
<firas> not that i’d know
<ringmaster> Blowfish is quality.
<firas> i mean, usb?
<kamigoroshi> it…looks…like…an electric razor….connected to…earbuds…

For those of you who don’t know what we’re talking about. Here is the gist of it.

Of course at the end of it all, there will always be a comment like these floating around…just for pure knowledge sake between geeks.

<kamigoroshi> nikkiana: can you actually get off that?
<kamigoroshi> umm…wait…did i just ask that question?
<shawn_grimes> yes, yes you did, and it is logged :p
<nikkiana> Kamigoroshi: no idea. i’m not really into vibrators. 😛

<firas> Kamigoroshi: like i pointed out
<firas> it’s USB powered
<firas> i mean, USB
<firas>what good is usb power going to do
<shawn_grimes> vibration is vibration Firas
<shawn_grimes> unless your talking about a jackhammer
<masquerade> Firas, dude, USB power is plenty
<ringmaster> Unless you’re used to using the outlet for the clothes dryer.
<firas> does USB approach AA type cell power?
<shawn_grimes> hmm, something to look into Firas
<masquerade> Firas, it’ll do better than AA
<shawn_grimes> let us know when you have an answer for us :p
<firas> masquerade: ah, could make sense then
<ringmaster> Isn’t USB 5v? And AA is 1.5V.
<kamigoroshi> USB is 5v..
<shawn_grimes> bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
<kamigoroshi> oh my god…how did web standards come to vibrator power?!
<masquerade> Kamigoroshi, its your fault, you said technoweenie

God I love hanging out at #wordpress.

4 thoughts on “Sex, Geeks and Weenies

  1. WOW! Ok, I did tell you already that I love the light blue one! Very portable, very practical and I’m sure VERY satisfying. *wink*

    Hmm..$40.95? Not bad? Compared to the bunny vibrator…this can definitely work. *double winks*

  2. that was an interesting conversation xD

    just noticed this preview thing as i type, it’s cool!

  3. Sweetie: I’m sure you’ll find remarkable uses for it. 🙂

    Red: That it was. One of the more amusing chats I’ve had in a long while. As for the preview. That’s what WordPress can do for you. Lots of nice little goodies available. 🙂

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