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You can save me anytime babyAlright…as far as I know, after a happy hour it gets really hard for me to string more than two words together for this post. But the point is…are you a serial wordpress tweaker like me? Have you ever had a problem with your WordPress that seemed to appear out of nowhere locking you out from your Admin right after you modified that dubious plugin?

Enter WP-Medic.

Currently in its in alpha testing but as far as I have tested this out, it seems pretty fine by me already. Here is what it currently features as written on the site:

* Mass plugin management
* Squishing the sent headers error
* Categorize posts that don’t have categories
* Update path options
* Check core file integrity
* Options table editor
* SQL query runner

So if you don’t mind using things that are still in its test phases, it’s a good…thing to install in your WordPress blog if you’re a person who regularly messes with the code or if you’re a newbie who is scared of messing up the code. The installation isn’t like a plugin because technically…it does’t resemble a plugin. But once you get through the instalation, it’s worth its dime to begin with. Here are some “testimonials” from some people I know who use it.

<Kamigorosh> what would you call wp-medic anyway…a plugin?
<Kamigoroshi> an addon?
<Jalenack> a savior

Remember, it’s still a Release Canditade so if there are any problems, make sure you notify the designers of it so they can make it better. But in any case, it’s worth a try.

But even if you don’t use it.

That picture is worth looking at don’t you think?

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