Smacked That In The Ass

That’s about it. After more than a month of beta testing and going out of my mind. I finally found the cause of the problem which forced me to downgrade to WordPress 1.5.2.

Apparently, it was the gargantuan list of ping services I had that was forcing the post to time out while it’s publishing or saving. As a result for some reason, it would be forced to download a blank “post.php” when I’m using Firefox 1.5 and of course give me a blank page when I’m using Internet Explorer.

I should have figured out that the ping list was the problem anyway given the timeouts I was having in IE but I guess I’m too used to using Firefox I didn’t realise that was the case. Then again…what do you know, it turns out that Internet Explorer might have some use after all. If not for it’s extremely “safe” features then at least for the fact you still can find out what’s screwing up your page loads at the end of the day.

Well at least now I can get back to actually designing my new theme…that is if I settle on an actual theme to design in the first place. They say that the first step is always the hardest…but in my case, where it goes from there is just mind boggling.

5 thoughts on “Smacked That In The Ass

  1. It might not be that, I had the same problem with WP2.0 and Firefox 1.5, it was due to a plugin with a space/blank line at teh start.

    It causes header already sent messages and whenever you change anything, edit a post etc it just gives you a blank post.php and stays there, even though it does actually make the changes.

  2. Well…in one of my tests I ran WP 2.0 without any plugins at all and still ended up with the same error. We’ve been alpha and beta testing for a long time while now and that’s what I’ve come up.

    The alternative is said to be the mod_security on our hosts but since that is out of my control, I tried the pings and sure enough, that was the problem.

  3. I got the very same blank “post.php” whenever I blogged. Rather weird right considering I haven’t upgraded my WordPress yet. I reckon it should be Firefox 1.5 problem???

  4. I’ve heard of that before actually. Another friend of mine has the same problem, but with 1.5.2 and using Firefox 1.5. Yeah it could be related as well.

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