The 30 Hour Bug Hunt

Whoa…this must have been one of the longest bugs I have ever had the displeasure of being afflicted with, but after 36 hours of not having my comment count updated everytime someone commented and one friend in the loop of things. I’ve got the bug effectively licked.

Apparently it really was a plugin that was causing all the problems in the first place. More specifically it was Spam Karma 2 that was causing the whole comment count to be affected and not be updated everytime someone commented.

So now I have disabled Spam Karma 2 and have gone back to using Akismet. Hopefully, no one else would have the problem of being considered spam on my blog seeing that Akismet is still a bit…twitchy sometimes. That would be just as bad as not having the comment count on any post…but at least I can see who gets moderated by the spam filter.

It seems that my little boo boo isn’t really a bug, or rather it isn’t so much the WordPress code that was giving me the problem. It was just a problematic incompatible plugin. But rest assured, all this is not in vain…although I did act like an idiot trying to get my comments back on order, it seems that there is indeed a bug with the comment count in WordPress that leaves affected posts with the incorrect comment count…which apparently has been corrected by the same guy who helped me to troubleshoot the issue (thanks Mark).

So let this be a lesson to me. Let it not be said that some things would go wrong because it is wrong, but things go wrong because you yourself overlooked what went wrong. I should have been smart enough to see the problem but I didn’t. Probably because I had an exam to study for, but that’s just an excuse…a pretty darn good one in fact.

5 thoughts on “The 30 Hour Bug Hunt

  1. I thought Bad Behaviour was bad, because it kept blocking me from accessing my website. Therefore, I’ve switched to Spam karma 2, until now, it has behaved really well. Couldn’t get Akismet, though, I’ve no account.

    Even if I did get an invite, does it mean that I have my own WordPress blog as now, and another “” blog?

  2. I think all the details with Akismet will be sorted out then. Anyway…clean your system first. That’s why Bad Behavior was blocking you from your own blog in the first place.

  3. There’s another problem, though. My java often gets infected with viruses, and my antivirus software can’t prevent that from happening. It does a great job stopping all other adwares, spywares etc. But the java infections often just happen in the hidden folders, probably, that’s why the infections often come in undetected.

    Last time Bad Behaviour blocked me was because only one java file was infected with a trojan horse! How sensitive.

    Spam Karma 2 has been working like a charm, I think I’ll stick with it. Although I had loads and loads of viruses yesterday, I could still access my blog.

  4. The point is not to get infected at all. Why don’t you just get a better antivirus. AVG or Avast does a great job. For the love of God, update it everyday.

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