The Last WordPress Spam Filter You Will Ever Need

I know it’s been days bit too late but better late than never. Bad Behavior 1.2.2 is out and is ready to make sure those stupid spam never reaches your comments. I’ve been more or less testing it to make sure it won’t bother some of you like the last time and it’s pretty much safe to say that those of you who were blocked off in by version 1.2.1 can now browse my site safely knowing that Bad Behavior doesn’t think you’re a spam bot.

Just in case however that Bad Behavior does think you’re a spam bot, I just like to say one thing.

Clean. Your. System.

There is no reason why your system should be overrun with malicious spyware and trojan viruses that broadcast all sorts of crap to all of us. If you can buy yourself a decent computer then do yourself a favor and don’t turn it into a RM3000 paperweight. Get a decent spyware and antivirus software. That’s all it takes. In fact, I’ll throw in the links to get you good free spyware removers and antivirus softwares.

Click here for the best free antivirus software.

Click here for the best free spyware remover.

And whatever you do…please don’t forget to update them regularly. Please? Don’t be part of the problem. Support no tolerance for spam.

5 thoughts on “The Last WordPress Spam Filter You Will Ever Need

  1. note to self : related post title ‘making ur penis bigger’ is merely a diversion to get me to read this post. 😛

  2. Kill those spammers! Actually, I migrated to Blogsome because there was too much spam in Blogger. Heck, now I can’t stand Blogger anymore.

  3. Most probably because my blog isn’t that popular yet, that’s why I never ever get any spam. But even in Blogger, when my blog was just in its infancy, it got attacked by spam from, so I got pissed off. Even now as my blogsome blog gets a bit more popular, well, until this date, I haven’t received any spam yet. Maybe later.

    Now I wonder why spammers spam so much. Don’t they have anything better to do?

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