The Very Long List Of Things…

In reference to my previous post on my seriously addictive and consuming “affliction”. Some of you have been personally asking me how bad could it possibly be just for a blog. Well knowing the person that I am and that I can do, I have decided to list down all the plugins that I have been adding to my blog.

You be the judge to see how far I can really go.

  1. Spam Karma 2 – Reloaded
  2. Adhesive
  3. Backup Restore
  4. Batch Categories
  5. Blogs Of The Day
  6. Browser Sniff
  7. Category Image(s)
  8. Paged Comment Editing
  9. Enhanced Post List
  10. Gravatars
  11. Headline Imagesnot implemented yet because I’m waiting for the webhost to install Truetype support onto the server.
  12. Live Comment Preview
  13. no nofollow
  14. Popularity Contest
  15. Dofollow
  16. Super Archive
  17. Theme Switcher Shim
  18. Blank Target Comments
  19. WP-CC
  20. WP-ContactForm
  21. Execution of All Things
  22. WP Plugin Manager
  23. WordPress Theme Manager
  24. x-Dashboard

I could spend the next hour or so writing down every description of every plugin that runs my site, but I won’t bother. If they sound good to you and you’re a WordPress user, you might as well give it a go anyway. Let’s just say that while most of them are just upload, configure and be done with it, some of them require a little…extra work in order to intergrate them into this site, especially the ones that I have been trying to intergrate into my site for the past week or so.

Some of which is causing my brain to run away due to fear.

Knowing that I have a limited amount of knowledge when it comes to coding. It’s amazing what 12 hours looking at a plugin that intergrates PHP, Javascript and CSS can do to you. It’s amazing that I can SURVIVE looking at the same lines of code for 12 hours with breaks in between just to find out how to change the damn thing to suit my blog and pull it off to begin with (well sort off).

It’s amazing that I’m taking medical biotechnology and not web programming.

It’s amazing that I haven’t studied for my finals yet.

It’s amazing how screwed I will be in a few weeks.

Oh crap.

4 thoughts on “The Very Long List Of Things…

  1. Amazingly enough you are the first pingback to my blog and I got the email informing me of it as I was also wasting some time when I should be preparing for my end of semester bioinformatics term projects and finals.

    By the way, the Theme Switcher Shim Plugin is now obsolete as the author of Theme Switcher Plugin has incorporated the functionality into his new version.

    Ok, time to get back to genomic sequences…

  2. You and me both…how ironic. Final year students studying the same line and dealing with a lot of coding…in our blogs and in the genes.

    What a small world this is. 🙂

    Well…lets get back to gene lines and sequences shall we?

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