The WordPress Theme Project

Ok…the title is kinda misleading. It’s not exactly a global project of building a WordPress theme. But its more of a personal thing to build my very own WordPress theme. After all, here I am, being the guy who just happens to be closely connected to WordPress and I haven’t designed a plugin or a theme.

The best I have come up with is beta testing and reporting WordPress related bugs and on occassion WordPress related plugins and well…helping many of you with your WordPress itself. Since I have absolutely no knowledge as to how PHP really comes together, designing a plugin is…well as possible as I would be elected as the next Pope.

What I can do with the skills I have so far is design a WordPress theme, which doesn’t sound so bad. Strip a theme down to its bare essentials and build it up from scratch with my astoundingly miniscule knowledge of XHTML and CSS. Doesn’t sound too bad considering I have about oh say…3 months of so to complete it.

So thus begins the project, I’ll go about my days blogging about what it takes to build a theme from a newbie’s perspective…for the most part, it’ll help me focus on it and not toss it into a corner cause I got too lazy to finish what might have been the next Sistine Chapel.

The good thing is, if my theme does not completely suck, it’ll prove once and for all that WordPress as well as web designing, as daunting as it may seem, can be, in the hands of someone who has trivial knowledge of coding, turned into a personal blogging masterpiece. So wish me luck on that. I think it’s going to be a long haul on that one.

8 thoughts on “The WordPress Theme Project

  1. Don’t worry. I bet you can finish it in a few days, maybe even a few hours (my X’mas theme took 3 hours)

  2. Excellent – just remember to create a new category for the posts, to allow for easy reference for all theme-designing noobs… 🙂

  3. Hi!
    Although I like the overall looks and content of your blog ( Oh yeah! ), I find the FF promotion a bit disturbing. Not that I don’t like FF, I do and I use nothing else if I can avoid it.

    At this time I have no choice but to use MSIE, and I’m met by an advice to use Firefox, streching over half the browser real estate. I find that a bit more than just overkill.

    Worse yet, when I have opted to “Continue without Firefox” and get a normal blog page, whenever I go to a new page, I get this super ad in my face again. This is nothing short of rude in my opinion.

    By all means, continue to drum for an excellent web browser, but if you want revisits from people using other browsers, and there are such people, please don’t slap them in their faces.

    I don’t say this to be rude, on the contrary. I like your blog and want it to have returning visitors.

  4. Looking at this nice blog (and interesting too) you have yourself – I can only add that you should make LOTs of WordPress themes 🙂 don’t make bonanza the only one!

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