This Is Going On Too Far.












It’s the 5th time this has happened in a week.

I guess it’s time for another WordPress plugin.

No brownie points though for guessing what that is going to do.

I miss writing something deeply thoughful.

8 thoughts on “This Is Going On Too Far.

  1. How in the world could’ve the long post disappear? Issit some WP bug or something? Something like this happening often is pretty scary for me if I were to migrate over to WP. 🙁

    Share it dude..

  2. No…I clicked on something else while I was writing my post.

    HENCE the disappearance of whatever I wrote.

    I know…pretty damn clumsy of me.

    Though there is a WP plugin that can solve that problem which I’m finding right now.

  3. I did something similar last week. But I pressed send, remembered I didn’t spell check it, then hit the stop button like an idiot. Only half the post posted but at least I didn’t loose it all. SO much for my habit of coping everything I do before I send… its always the one time you forget!

  4. One thing I’ve learned about posting entries: type in Notepad first, and save it regularly before transferring it to your website.

  5. Strizzt: Well the WordPress plugin that I’m using now uses cookies to autosave my post as I write so I don’t lose it even though I close the window or something like that. It’s just like saving it onto a notepad…just one step further. 🙂

  6. *votes for Notepad* Not everything you work on will have a autosave function so you might as well get used to the habit.

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