To All WordPress Users: Backup Matters

Let’s play a game. First I’m going to take some random words and write down their meanings right here like so:

WordPress: WordPress is a web publishing system written in PHP and backed by a MySQL database. WordPress is used to manage frequently-updated web content, especially blogs. It is distributed under the GNU General Public License and is available free of charge.

Backup: The copying of data for the purpose of having a second copy of an original source, in case of damage to the original data source.

Week: A period of seven days.

Then I’m going to put them all together and show you this.

That’s right, WordPress is advocating blog security and protection by holding the WordPress Backup Week on the 23rd to the 30th of July.

What this means is that they will be putting up all sorts of helpful information on their forums and on the codex in order to make is as easy as possible for you to make sure that your wordpress database…which just happens to contain all your posts, comments, user ID’s, and option data…is safely backed up in case the worse would happen.

I mean…come to think of it, WordPress isn’t like other hosted blogging solutions like Blogger. Our data isn’t stored on some massive central database which probably has multiple backups of its own in case of server failure. Whatever we have, we have to take care of it on our own…cause if we lose our database on the server…we lose everything.

And I mean everything.

I do NOT want to lose almost 3 years worth of memories.

Of course, WordPress makes it easy as well. You CAN manually log into your webhost and do all the geeky mumbo jumbo to backup your essential database. You CAN do that. Or…you could be a lazy bum like myself and install one of the nifty database backup plugins that WordPress has and backup everything at one push of a button.

Or in my case automatically everyday.

Right into my mailbox.

No problems and certainly no confusing mess.

So what are you waititng for? Start backing up your systems now. In fact, start getting into the habit of backing up your database regularly. You’ll never know when danger might strike. You’ll never know when your server might fail you.

Remember…backing up is not just for your car.

It’s a necessity for blogging.

13 thoughts on “To All WordPress Users: Backup Matters

  1. Hehe…led me your webhost for a day and I’ll install everything you need. I just did a quick installation last night in fact. It was easy peasy.

  2. how much do you pay for the hosting? i’m currently using blogspot but interested in setting up my own but not sure how much should i spend. btw, are you a web designer?

  3. Sammie: Umm…well…see…the thing is, I’m hosted on a friend’s webhost who is kind enough to pass a small part of his space for no charge at all. All I do is pay for my domain name which costs me RM48 though I do know people who can sell domain names for less. Basically, expect to spend around RM250 a year if you want total control over your own webhost and domain name. It may be steep, but it’s worth it unless you can share the webhost with a friend as well. And no I’m not a web designer. FAR from it. I’m a biotech student. 🙂

    Peter: Yup…learn to back up everything. Safety is a prerogative.

  4. actually,how are we supposed to backup our entries? In MT,theres an option in the CPanel.It’s just a one click thingi.Thats how i managed to import all my entries so fast.

  5. Well…right there in my post to the link of the WP plugin which I use to backup my database. I’ll put that link here as well.

    Its simple, just select the extra files you want to back up oher than the compulsary ones and you can immedietly download the file into your computer or have it email you the file. The size depends on how many posts and comments you have. I have about 3mb worth of backed up information and I deleted the older backups when the new ones get emailed to me.

  6. Backing up everything can be very time consuming especially if you’re one of those geek that have lots of websites. I do manage to backup a few of my main sites every month but if the site doesn’t get much traffic, I just leave it alone and never backup the data. It is like buying insurance, instead of using money, you spend time instead.

  7. Since I am new to WordPress self hosted I had no idea back ups where required. Thanks for the heads up or I would have lost EVERYTHING if something went wrong.

    Back ups are our friends.

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