To All WordPress Users: 1.5.2 Is Out

Alright, even for those of you who patched up your yesterday. Please update your WordPress to the latest version. It has more features in it than just the fix as well…which was probably why it was taking Matt a little too long to come out with the release.

Anyway as far as I know here are some of the features in the new 1.5.2:

  1. Fixed register_global exploit.
  2. “Save and continue edting” now added to page.
  3. No long waits while pinging when publishing a post.
  4. “All Comments” feed now includes post titles.
  5. “publish_post” is now triggered when someone uses a program that posts via xml-rpc (eg. w.bloggar) or when someone posts by email.

Since there was no changelog, that’s as best as I could get out from the channel and the WordPress dev blog that really mattered and that I could understand. So what are you waiting for? The new version isn’t just for show. If you haven’t patched your WordPress…for the love of God…upgrade NOW. If you already patched your WordPress…oh just upgrade anyway, it doesn’t take you 2 minutes.

Always good to have something better.

Especially when it’s free.

Complete changelog in plain english over here.

6 thoughts on “To All WordPress Users: 1.5.2 Is Out

  1. Heh, I just upgraded Karya Sentral and Israeli Watch from 1.5 to last week. Sigh. Why do I get caught up in this upgrading mess? Looks like I will have to upgrade them all over again (don’t mind re-setup IW so much because its moving to a new host soon, so a fresh install would do).

    – MENJ

  2. Great to hear that the new version of WordPress is out. Will be updating it soon enough.


    Have a nice day Ed.

  3. thanks to you i now know how to upload files using filezilla and just upgraded to 1.5.2 this morning. from now on, everything will be very easy after the wee hours lesson! 😛

    btw, aren’t u having a “holiday” now?

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