We’re (WordPress) On For The 26th

Dougal confirms that the release of WordPress 2.0 will be delayed until the 26th rather than on the 22nd due to support concerns over Christmas.

I think that isn’t such a bad idea, though I do think that it isn’t the concern of support I’m more worried about. I’m looking at a 25 more unresolved tickets in the trac and a load of bug reports in the forums in regards to the 3rd Release Candidate. Whether or not there will be more bugs coming in and whether all these bugs will be ironed out during Christmas is anyone’s guess at best.

Then again I am a geek and some things you just can’t stop doing no matter what the season. I’m just pretty tired of saying that it’s going to keep coming out. But I guess having a delayed aplication is better than having a buggy application with no support at all. I’ve just got one more question to pose though.

Will there be any takers on whether or not WordPress 2.0 is going to be delayed after the 26th?

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