What I Would Do With My WordPress.com Blog

Well Matt here proposed a little challenge with a little prize. A nice invite to WordPress.com for the person who can give him the best comment or ping regarding what they would do with their WordPress.com blog.

Well here is my answer.

I would use it to spread the word of WordPress brother!! I would use it to convert the heathens who would walk our pure blogging shores and show them the way. The way of truth!! The way of blogging…and other stuff!! I would use it to smite they who would dare oppose and stand in the way of all that is good and sacred in our beloved Blogosphere!! I would use it to call forth ye believers of open source and freedom 0 and stand side by side as we march down into the valley of commercialised blogging applications and say…”Hey…we’ve got something better over this side…and we have chocolate chip cookies too.” Then all…will be well.

Yeah. That would be my answer.

I wonder if it’s a little too much for an invite?

Probably not.

Oh well.

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