When Will I Learn?

I have got to keep this as a personal note to myself.

I…must not twiddle with alpha versions of something on my MAIN blog until I run it through my sandbox blog. Otherwise, I’m just going to have to do something like redo all your page navigations again because all of them got wiped out from the database for God knows what reason. At least remember to back up my database before I do something silly like that.

Then again though, it’s not like it’s the first time I’ve done it. One way or another, everything somehow bounces back…even if I have to recode everything from scratch again.

On the upside, the fact that my “100 Things About Me” got wiped out gives me an additional reason to come up with a new one that I’ve been meaning to do but been putting it off these past few weeks. At least Google cache comes in handy for keeping a backing up the previous version of it, it would be hard pressed to lose 100 things you wrote about yourself, no matter how catatonically boring it can be.

Then again, there is writing a whole new set of a 100 things about me. That…would be very hard pressed to do. Especially since it’s a cold sunday afternoon in the first place, and in a time like this…laziness is definitely more contagious then the sore throat I have right now.

3 thoughts on “When Will I Learn?

  1. Now write 100 times:
    “I…must not twiddle with alpha versions of something on my MAIN blog until I run it through my sandbox blog.”


  2. Yes ma’am. Don’t forget to lock the door behind you when you watch over me in the room. Don’t want anyone walking on on our session. Not that there is anything to hide. 😛

  3. well well. write it up again. good chance to ‘rediscover urself’

    which is funny, just in the shower yesterday i was contemplating redoing mine. lolz.

    will prolly call tonite or later on…too elated not to call..teehee

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