WordPress 1.6 and The Half-Born Company

This is a tale of two links.

One tale tells you the story of why I really cannot wait for WordPress 1.6 to come out and why I can’t wait to beta test it when it comes out.

The other tells you the story of how all of this is lead by our glorious leader Matt who at 21 is poised to change the known world before I do with the new WordPress.com.

Seriously though…even though I know better that this isn’t anything to really jump for joy like a giddy school kid. I can’t help but do so because it’s just darn exciting to know that half a million downloads later. Something from a humble beginnings like this could turn into a tool to change the blogging world as we know it.

Congrats to everyone who made WordPress what it is.

Freedom 0 at its best.

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