WordPress 2.0 Beta-1 Out

I haven’t been posting anything about WordPress for a while because of my recent exams, and because there isn’t anything worth posting about that no casual user will be interested about. However, if you’re a geek like me and are interested in making WordPress better by being and active part of your life, you’re be happy to know that WordPress 1.6 has finally moved out from the SVN Alpha to a downloadable Beta-1.

Update: I just found this out though, Matt thought there was enough changes to warrant a completely new version. So if you read my post prior to this, it’s actually WordPress 2.0 Beta-1.

Click here to download the Version 2.0 Beta-1 release.

Now as with all Beta releases, the whole purpose of it is to report as many bug as you can and help fuel the development of the system. So if you’re really a casual user who doesn’t know what they are looking for, and wouldn’t like to take a chance with bugs (mainly because there is no easy way to go back to the previous version in case anything goes wrong), this isn’t for you.

But I know that there are plenty of you tech savvy people out there that would rather like to push the limits of what they have, so if you already didn’t have access to the SVN Alpha’s before, here is something workable you can go ahead and use.

To date there isn’t any official changelogs available because most of it are in the developer tracs. However you can go here to find out just what Version 2.0 Beta-1 already has or if you already have a WordPress.com account, you would have a fair idea of what is in store for you if you upgrade.

Now, the bug reports found in the Version 2.0 Beta-1 are meant to be filed appropiately in only this support thread as well as the Beta-Testers and Hackers mailing lists. It is also advisable to take the time to go through your plugins and see if they work out for you especially if you made them.

Remember, WordPress is powered by you. So use that power wisely.

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