WordPress 2.0.1 Finally Out (Thank You God)

I always say thank God for small mercies. I think this pretty much qualifies as one of them. 114 bugs and God knows much beta testing time later. WordPress 2.0.1 is finally out.

You have no idea of the sheer amount of frustration to see the WordPress Developer Trac within the past few days as the amount of bug tickets kept going up and down like one of those evil clowns that wouldn’t stay down.

5…3…2…3…2…1…2…1…2. Stay the hell down already!! Of course, the bug fixes are out now and that’s what matters. What I could really kiss however is that after weeks of not being able to manually trackback anyone, the trackback function now works. In my case, it really had nothing to do with the problems decribed in Ah Knights Blog. Rather, it had to do with a common function whereby PHP was run as a CGI. In short, overlooked standard practice geek stuff that costs us alot of valuble time and resources.

The good thing about this is that now you can use the Auto Trackback By Category Function which is a sweet little plugin that works perfectly in any way that you want it. Whether you want to ping one site or multiple sites from select categories. Well…the important thing is that it works now.

So what are you waiting for, if there is a reason to upgrade your WordPress, that reason is now. The major bugs have been squashed and there is no reason left to stay left behind. Download WordPress 2.0.1 now.

Update: Ok, I am getting some reports of blog indexes coming back with “Cannot Find Posts Matching Your Criteria” after upgrading to 2.0.1. Can anyone confirm this? Cause if so, we’re already working on it.

11 thoughts on “WordPress 2.0.1 Finally Out (Thank You God)

  1. How could it be hard? Assuming that you’re upgrading from version 2.0. You just upload. Overwrite the previous files. Run the upgrade and that’s it. Doesn’t take you 2 minutes.

    Otherwise, you’re going to have to backup your database, deactivate all plugins and then do the upload and all that. That takes about 5 minutes.

  2. Same goes for your fix as well. That’s what happened with many blogs. It’s because of the “execute-pings.php”. It will run the trackbacks all at once.

  3. No la my fix is to clear the url which stay in to_ping field,
    but now after upgrade to 2.0.1 whatever post that having url in to_ping field will all shot out once you make a post, which might just flood the pps

  4. That’s how it works…and that was what the problem was in the first place. The execute_pings wasn’t executing the trackbacks properly hence the any posts with trackback urls will get it pinged when the execute_ping.php runs.

  5. bleh. when is wp 2.0.1 going to be available of fantastico? i would probably mess everything up via manual installation.
    wats d prob wif wp2 anyway? seems fine.

  6. Manual install is easy. Read the instructions or go with the help the #wordpress IRC channel offers. I could help with the install. There are 114 bugs present. Most affected are the trackbacks and the WYSIWYG interface.

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