WordPress 2.0.7 And The Development Worry

As a result of the feedburner bug I’ve mentioned before from WordPress 2.0.6. WordPress has now released 2.0.7 which has some other bug fixes as well and would also be the last of the security and bug updates (hopefully) before they release WordPress 2.1.

What I’m starting to worry here is the fact that bugs like this are starting to slip through and there seems to be some sort of a communication breakdown in and around WordPress development that there are now too many end users that don’t know what’s going on or too few developers and testers to double check the usability that things like this slip through and you’re forced to produce security and bug patches only days after you released the last one.

What I worry is that WordPress will no longer be as open as it used to be back in the days when it was just another option to choose from when you’re trying to pick which blogging application to use. What I worry is that WordPress will no longer be as light and flexible as it used to be when I first started to use it, but instead be this bloated application with features few will ever use. What I worry is that WordPress stops listening to people and go about their own way, then we know we’re really in trouble.

I’ve heard the stories, I know the people. Let’s just hope things pick up for the better.

3 thoughts on “WordPress 2.0.7 And The Development Worry

  1. Well, that’s the good thing about open source material, though. Should WP ever go the wrong way, you can probably be rest assured that someone from the gigantic user base will take it up where it dropped off.

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