WordPress 2.1 And Why I’m Not Upgrading

You go to Melbourne for a day and then you come back with WordPress 2.1 already released to the masses. Of course though, I already knew that would happen. It was just bad timing on all our parts. Either way, WordPress 2.1 Ella (after singer Ella Fitzgerald which you should know and listen) is a completely new version of WordPress unlike it’s security patched versions released in the months before (the last being a week before this release).

It sports among a list of a few things:

  • Autosaved posts – Never lose a post while typing again.
  • Faster loading times – Thanks to the reworked database code and more AJAX interfaces
  • Blog privacy – Used to be found in WordPress.com blogs. Now you can opt to have your blog not combed over by any search engine.
  • More Multilingual Support – If you want to speak in Arabic and couldn’t before. You can now.

What it still can’t do:

  • Make your morning coffee – Damnit, I voted this as a feature to be added so many times.
  • Prevent your partner or spouse from rolling their eyes when you try and explain why you need to blog this at 1 in the morning.
  • Walk and feed the dog – Oh how I wish.
  • Be less bloated like it was before.

Truthfully, I won’t be upgrading to WordPress 2.1, not just yet anyway. Because this version sports some new features and some new codework, it would mean that some plugins would naturally not work. I for one remember the days of WordPress related hair loss because I was trying to get some important plugins to work from version 1.5 to 2.0. While I know most of my plugins do work, since I have been beta testing WordPress to begin with, some don’t (such as the disappearing tags in the Ultimate Tag Warrior 3.1) and I’ll just have to wait for them to be properly fixed, or at least find a suitable replacement for them in the future.

The second reason is that, I’m starting to get the feel that WordPress is becoming a little more bloated with features. Sure, it’s great and all especially the faster database fetching, but with all that they added to WordPress, they might as well have called it WordPress 2.5 or even 3.0. If there is anything I’ve learnt over the years and in previous WordPress experiences, it’s that more features means more reason for things to go wrong. While my sandbox may run 2.1 and it’s subversions, I don’t think I can afford to put it on this live blog. Not at least until I know that it’s a sure ground to put my foot on. Call me paranoid, but that’s usually what I am.

Either way, if you’re as paranoid as me or you don’t know what in the world you’re doing. Don’t upgrade to WordPress 2.1 just yet. It won’t make you any cooler if anything breaks on your live blog (it’ll just make you look like a doofus). Instead, it’s alright to hang back with Version 2.0.x security patches because developer support on it is going to continue up to 2010 (thanks to Mark) giving you the time needed to make sure everything is in order before upgrading.

That being said, I better get some sleep. After all, it is 1 in the morning and as I said, there are some things that WordPress still can’t do…at least not to making your partner happy.

4 thoughts on “WordPress 2.1 And Why I’m Not Upgrading

  1. Upgraded to 2.1, no problem at all. But mine doesn’t involved much plugins compared to yours so I guess your concerns are valid.
    Love the faster loading speed of 2.1 😀

  2. Paul Tan: That’s why I do it manually.

    Chapree: Mine’s swarming with it and I did some manual tweaking with it. So yeah, I’d have to fix all of those first before upgrading everything.

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