WordPress 2.2 Released and Notes To Remember

It’s been a long time since I’ve blogged about WordPress but since this is a new version release not a security patch, this calls for it.

WordPress 2.2 is out after such a short while since version 2.1 and it’s sporting a lot of geeky new features. While a lot of the enhancements boil down to the user interface and usability, the main thing about WordPress 2.2 is the way it should help WordPress developers fiddle around with WordPress. Seeing that we’re assuming WordPress is still open source, that should help the community a little more especially those of you that come out with plugins for WordPress.

Personally, all I do is alpha and beta test the subversion, beta’s and release candidates for bugs then report them for other people to deal with so those developer features would never be used by people like me. My constant worry about WordPress being bloated beyond basic requirements still bugs me, but it hasn’t let me down yet in terms of flexibility so I’ll stick by it for as long as it keeps giving me what I want in a blog publishing platform.

Since this is a version upgrade, as always it’s important to back up your database before actually upgrading your WordPress. Version upgrades usually mean it’ll change your database structure and if WordPress 2.2 doesn’t work for you or if things go wrong, you can’t downgrade from it unless you have your original database files of the previous version before it. So remember to do that.

Also if you’re a person like me who has a stupid amount of plugins on their blog. You might want to turn them off for the duration of the upgrade then turn them on one by one after that just in case anything breaks because of a version incompatibility. I know, it’s a pain but that’s the downside to plugins to begin with. It’s always a smart idea to save yourself some time and a lot of trouble.

My advice would still be to wait a couple of days to see if any bugs crop up and keep track of your plugin sites to see if they have any problems with the new version. It’s understandable you’d want the latest things, but it’s good to be patient especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. WordPress might be better, but that doesn’t mean you have to take leave of your common sense after all.

5 thoughts on “WordPress 2.2 Released and Notes To Remember

  1. YaY! You win! *takes hat off*
    I run half the amount of plug-ins you do, and I already find them too “unmanageable”.

  2. That’s why you kinda have to at least know what you’re doing. Troubleshooting plugins is one of the basic things you have to know should you start using them on your WordPress powered blog. 🙂

  3. Mei: Well, the new WordPress does come with some security patches as well and seeing that version upgrades will become a more common place thing. If you already have version 2.1, it might be wise to start upgrading it.

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