WordPress: The Good and The Dodgy

Well it’s been quiet on the WordPress front lately, so I thought I’d come back in with two things worth mentioning.

First up is this really neat plugin I read about recently called Kramer. It apparently is a plugin that scans Technorati for any incoming links to the posts on your blogs and automatically pings your posts. The result. You don’t have to have WordPress’s pingback feature nor do you necessarily have people manually trackback your posts. It’s a great way to know if anyone is linking up to you or your posts. After all…with Technorati isn’t about whether or not incoming links will be found. It’s a matter of when they will be found.

Now I haven’t really tested this out yet but I am aware of one issue. Make sure you have a spam filter running because even though this uses Technorati, there are spam blogs out there that use them to send you incoming spam comments. If Technorati hits one of these spam blogs sending spem to you, expect to see a lot of spam trackbacks unless you block those.

The other thing is that there appears to be ANOTHER blog run by WordPress Multi User (WPMU) and its name is webloog.com. That makes it like what? 4 blogging services that already run on WordPress? I like the sense of competition and all but seeing that all these blogs run on WordPress anyway, I’m starting to think that unless they have a certain edge to it, it’s all going to look a little superfluous really.

I did check webloog out and they have a pretty dodgy front page to begin with, but I like to give them the benefit of the doubt. Hey, it’s WordPress anyway, aside from a little compliance standards here and there, how could you go catastrophically wrong? Still…of course, I’m partial towards WordPress.com.

Now how could you go wrong with that?

3 thoughts on “WordPress: The Good and The Dodgy

  1. Actually…no, that was my fault. I manually pinged the second post. The first post didn’t have an excerpt so I pinged the second one with the excerpt.

    Anyway…Kramer works for your blog, not other sites.

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