WordPress Theme Bonanza

For those of you who are still trying to find a suitable theme for your WordPress blogs, most of you might have heard of the ones found here on Alex King’s site.

Well…there is another WordPress theme compilation though. It stacks up to over 330 WordPress themes inclusive of the ones already found on Alex King. That’s right. Over 330 WordPress themes!! Even I haven’t looked through all of them. It’s just way too many themes to look through in a single day.

This little goldmine of WordPress themes can be found here.

So for anyone else looking for new WordPress themes or you’re just trying a fresh new look for for your WordPress blog. It’s a good place to check it out. You just might find that photoblog template that you’ve been trying to look for all this while.

2 thoughts on “WordPress Theme Bonanza

  1. Oh yeah…I went there. The only thing not so nice about that place is the lack of previews…but otherwise, VERY comprehensive. But don’t expect all the links to work. Some are dead ones. T_T

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