WordPress.com Breakdown: Dashboard

Yesterday, I was talking about the interesting facts that come with WordPress.com. Today however I going to go through all the little details that make up your WordPress.com blog beginning with the first page you’re ever going to looking at as you log in.

Your dashboard.

Basically, if you own a WordPress blog hosted on your own webhost,unless you’re one of those people who have modded their own admins, you’re going to be looking at a Dashboard that’s filled with information you may or may not want to look at. RSS feeds from the WordPress developmental blogs, a small window giving you small stats about your blog as well as recent posts and recent comments. Basically it’s nothing much. What WordPress.com did with your dashboard however was change the entire thing.

Top Part Of Dashboard

What WordPress wanted to do was make sure that everything related to getting your blog on the road was at your fingertips so the basic things that you needed to do the moment you first log into your WordPress.com blog is right there at the dashboard. Write a post. Change your profile. Add links. Change your theme. It’s all right there the moment you enter your dashboard…but that’s not the heart of the dashboard. No.

The very heart of your dashboard is the fact that since all blogs in WordPress.com are connected to each other which means that at the end of it. You will be able to see the top blogs in WordPress.com as well as the fastest growing WordPress.com blogs around. This gives you a first hand look at what’s going on around the world of WordPress as well as introduce you to the other blog around your community that you may not have seen before.

Bottom Part Of Dashboard

To make things a little more interesting, WordPress has added the top ranking posts for the day as well as the most recently updated post. This probably is one of the better incentives that alot of 3rd generation bloggers will find appealing given the exposure that their blogs will have in the WordPress.com community as they update their post. All in all, I can pretty much say that WordPress.com does this is because of one thing. Community.

WordPress has alays been a community driven project, from its humble beginnings to what it is now. Having a dot com behind it doesn’t change the formula. You just make it better which is what this new project is all about. It’s meant primarily to bring blogging to the people and people to blogging because without the people…blogging wouldn’t be what it is now.

A poweful message wrapped in two slices of bread. That’s pretty much what I can put together from the dashboard. Maybe it would be cooler if WordPress allows users to customise their dashboard a little. Maybe even give users the opportunity to add their own RSS feeds so that they can keep track of their favourite blogs. That would be a sweet idea as it is.

But even without that. It’s as good as it gets for now. That’s my little penny as it is.

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