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You can’t have a blog if you don’t really concentrate on what blogging is all about – the things that you write. That’s the heart and soul of a blog. The content and all that’s in it. Which is basically the where WordPress.com blogs really pack the punch in because in this post, I’m going to give you a run down of what WordPress.com blogs can really do.

Like all other blogging applications, WordPress.com post interface is obviously centered around the blogs that you write. It’s got everything a basic blogger can ask for, a text area you can write on, basic quicktags for you to put those bolds, italics, links and pics and even a WYSIWYG interface (a little more on this below). Being that this is WordPress.com, they just took it a step higher. This time, your page where you write your post can be tailored to suit your writing needs and style.

Keep on writing

As you can see everything is there as it is. What is amazing about this is that all the sidebar and panels can be expanded and move according to your preference. If you don’t think you’ll be using the trackback much? Move is down and contract it. Think you’re going to be a photoblog. Expand the panel and make it the first thing you see when you blog.

It’s that simple. It uses this little bit of programing technology called AJAX that I won’t bother boring you with. The bottom line about this is that it’s not just something you will tire off…it’s something that has its purpose and being bloggers that we are, I know we’d use it to our advantage.

Speaking of photoblogs, WordPress.com blogs have just added one more powehouse recently. Drag and Drop image uploaders for your images. I am not joking. That’s how simple they just made it. In addition to manually uploading and browsing through thumbnails of your uploaded images. You can literally drag and drop your images from your folders to the panel and upload it to the site for you to display. You don’t even have to leave the post page to upload. It’s all at your fingertips. Even though it’s a bit buggy now, but if that doesn’t make things more simple for you…you just rewrote the whole definition for being lazy.

I see...my blog

Going back to WYSIWYG blogging, WordPress.com blogs were designed to answer the infamous “Mother Question”. “Can my mother blog without getting lost in the system?” With the new interfaces, I guess that they have answered the question. Unlike the Live Post Preview plugins that are found in WordPress blogs. WordPress.com has rewritten the way your posts are previewed. The new preview feature actually previews your entire blog…in the exact way it appears on your blog. That should save a lot of people a lot of trouble especially if they decide to edit custom borders and fonts on their posts. Something that WordPress blogs haven’t been able to properly do yet.

The other little details

Of course, what is WordPress without the ability to create static pages for yourself. Things that are apart from your blog like your personal profile or a contact page or even a photo gallery when it’s ready. Static pages offer the user the ability to NOT swamp their blog sidebars with too much information and instead give them a chance to neatly spread your details out over a series of pages. Practical and definitely something very very nice that people familar with WordPress are going to use to their advantage.

Given that WordPress.com blogs might have made a veritable Iching of blogging interfaces. I don’t really see how else it’s going to improve any more than it already has. I would think short of actually implementing the ability to voice or video log your posts on site itself, it’s already salivating with goodies that any blogger needs.

You won’t find it bloated and machine gunned with options because you can choose exactly what you want of it from the moment you start blogging. You won’t find it under powered because it’s got everything you can possibly need to start as a blogger. It’s as perfect as it is and I don’t think I can say anything else that can convince you otherwise. Try it and see…because it would probably be the last free hosted blogging application you would ever use. Period.

2 thoughts on “WordPress.com Breakdown: Post and Page

  1. Can I import all my previous posts to wordpress?
    I registered for a wordpress.com account and wonder if I should change from blogger to wordpress.

  2. Yeah. I would think so. But as it is, from Blogger to WordPress blogs. Not WordPress.com blogs. It might change later though. We’ll keep it posted.

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