WordPress.com Now Open

It’s now official. WordPress.com is now free from invites and anyone and I mean anyone can sign up for it. Of course, this comes to me as being odd because all the while I thought Matt’s grand plan is to give WordPress.com somewhat of a community feel to it by inviting your close friends and family to the wonderful (and insane) world of blogging.

Then again, I’ve said it before when WordPress.com first came out, your guess is as good as mine because sometimes no one knows that Matt is up to these days. I guess I should have seen it coming when I realised that all the invites were being given out to a lot of people from WordPress.com by the droves.

Though when you come and think about it, opening up WordPress.com was inevitable and does signal a few things which I think is the reason for it being this way.

  1. WordPress 2.0 is about to launch really soon and WordPress.com happens to be powered by it, not to mention that it served as the alpha testing ground for WordPress Multi User and WordPress 1.6 (renamed version 2.0).
  2. WordPress 2.0 happens to be bundled up with the Akismet Centralised Spam Filter plugin which needs a WordPress API…which currently can only be obtained via a WordPress.com account.
  3. WordPress is addictive. No shit about it. WordPress.com is just a watered down beer to the standalone straight-up-shot version. If you like what WordPress.com fully features then you’re just a few steps away from having everything and more than WordPress can offer…a lot more.

Either Matt’s an evil genius or he’s been reading way too many marketing books, either way from a hardcore WordPress advocate, this signals the beginning of a new era for WordPress. One that would dominate the face of blogging applications…with reprecussions that would echo for a long long time. Let’s just hope none if which are bad.

One thought on “WordPress.com Now Open

  1. Nah, could be income.

    I wonder if this means that I can soon put in scripts into my WP. I doubt anything can replace Blogger or LJ for ease of use and attraction for newb bloggers.

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